Chief Executive’s Perspective

Due to circumstances beyond the control of the SEE it has become necessary to again acquire a new home and secretariat provider after our move to London in October last.  We are co-locating with The Society of Operations Engineers  to whom we are sub-contracting  all of our secretarial services. This arrangement will take place immediately and our new address will be
The Society of Environmental Engineers,
22 Greencoat Place,
We are in the process of recruiting a secretary and in the meantime the point of contact for the SEE will be Chief Executive, Professor Raymond Clark, OBE, DSc. His email for the time being will be
Business will continue as usual and the Engineering Council is particularly pleased with the re-location as it enables us to minimise risk to registrants and members by having expertise and help immediately available on site if necessary.


Professor Ray Clark, OBE, PhD
Chief Executive SEE


The Society of Environmental Engineers
SEE Crest Logo22 Greencoat Place