The SEE  will act as a focus group for particular topics that are currently of interest to members of the Society. Activity in these topics will be undertaken in the most appropriate way (possibly by focus group meetings, seminars, workshops, web based discussions, visits to sites of interest etc).

Any member with a subject that they wish to pursue through peer discussion may propose this as a new topic and, subject to acceptance of the topic by Council, may take up the role of Topic Leader. Guidelines for Topic Leaders will be developed in due course.

There are major themes that the forum may address such as Climate, Energy, Education and Environment.
Within these broad themes a focus group could concentrate on specific topics such as the following:-
Process Water in Cleanrooms
Temperature Testing at Low Pressures
Vibration in MEMS
Molecular Contamination in Manufacturing
Energy Considerations in Environmental Testing

If you have any interest in these topics or would like to suggest others, please log your interest with the forum co-ordinator at

The other way in which technical matters can be debated is via the Society's LinkedIn Group where technical discussions can have long or short term lifetimes as appropriate to the topics.



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