Education and Membership (E&M) Committee

The main task of this committee is to process applications for both Society membership and registration with the Engineering Council.

In order to address the procedural conditions for differing grades and routes to registration, the committee comprise a representative mix of Chartered and Incorporated Engineers and Engineering Technicians. Additional expertise may be co-opted as appropriate.

The present Education and Membership Committee are:
Mr. Neil Barker, CEng, CEnv, Hon.FSEE
Vice Chairman:
Mr. David Richards, CEng, CEnv, Hon.FSEE
Professor Steve Burnage, PSEE, CEng, CEnv, Hon.FSEE
Professor Raymond Clark, OBE, CEng, CEnv, Hon.FSEE
Professor Mervyn de Calcina-Goff, EsqStJ, PPSEE, CEnv, Hon.FSEE
Mr. Colin Weetch, IEng, MSEE
Dr. Akintunde Babatunde , CEng, CEnv, MSEE
Mr. James Regan, CEnv, Hon.MSEE
Mr. Andy Tomlinson, CEng, Hon.FSEE
Mr. Peter Vincent, IEng, FSEE
Mr. Graham Couser, CEng,CEnv, FSEE
Mr. Stephen Tweed, CEng, CEnv, MSEE

Mr. Kevin Brown, CEng, MSEE


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