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The Society of Environmental Engineers’ group on the social networking site LinkedIn now has more than 2,000 members and they come from all across the world.

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The group, which was only set up last year, has already gained members in more than 70 different countries, and has hosted a broad range of discussions and announcements. American engineers make up the largest contingent by country, but North American members as a whole are equalled in number by members from Europe, including the UK.


There is also strong representation from environmental engineers in Asia Pacific, the Indian subcontinent, the Middle East, Latin America, Africa and Australasia.


The Society sees LinkedIn as a convenient method for members and others to exchange ideas and views on a wide range of topics. Discussions so far have included debate on issues as diverse as climate change and wastewater treatment. 


As well as the benefits for the individual members of the group, LinkedIn is also useful in spreading the name of the society to new areas of business and influence. The SEE is keen to see as many members as possible taking advantage of the site and contributing to discussions there.


Already a subgroup has been formed to debate issues in Cleanroom Technology, and other subgroups are likely to be formed to cover different parts of the environmental engineering agenda. There is also the opportunity to create subgroups for different countries or regions if that helps to further discussion.


LinkedIn is the biggest of a number of “social media” sites that are concerned with professional links and exchanges of information, as distinct from the purely “social” aspects that dominate other sites such as Facebook. Worldwide membership of LinkedIn passed 175 million earlier this year, though participation in a few countries has so far been discouraged. 


The SEE intends to be proactive with the group and will be looking to initiate discussions through LinkedIn, as well as interacting directly with members. SEE members who join the group are being encouraged to link personally to the Society’s chief executive, Professor Raymond Clark.


Please do join the Group by clicking on the icon:


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