Corporate Partner Scheme - Introduction

The national standing of the Society as the Professional Body for the Environmental Engineering Sector has led to the need for a review of the status able to be offered to companies that support the Society.

Becoming a Corporate Partner is effectively the badge that signifies a company's commitment to professionalism in all areas of environmental engineering.

Companies seeking to demonstrate competence, technical innovation, the development of regulation and standards, will be more readily enabled through the Corporate Partner Scheme.
A Corporate Partner is not only seen to be involved in supporting and promoting the Environmental Sciences through Society exhibitions, seminars, courses, but is also able to reap dividends through involvement in SEE events and the maintenance of its own employees Continued Professional Development.
Corporate Partners have routes for their individual engineers to attain professional recognition by becoming registered as EngTech, IEng or CEng through the Engineering Council (UK) and as Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) through the Society for the Environment (SocEnv).
This scheme enables greater interaction between Industry and the Society.

The new Society of Environmental Engineers’ Corporate Partners scheme costs £1,050 per annum and includes the following key benefits:

On the Society’s website –
•    A mention on the home page when the Company’s “Corporate Partner” status is confirmed. This will stay live for at least two months.
•    The Company’s logo will be displayed on the Corporate Partners page (and linked back to their website).
•    A company profile page including two images and up to 200 words of text to tell our Membership (and other visitors to the website) about background, history and activities etc. of the new Corporate Partner.
•    One free "Situations Vacant" advertisement per year.

•    A Corporate Partner can enrol up to five people, usually employees, as Associates of the Society as part of this scheme.
•    Each Associate will receive their own copy of our Membership Journal Environmental Engineering and the annual Test House Directory as well as being on the first step to full professional recognition.
•    The Corporate Partner will also receive an additional copy of the Journal, Environmental Engineering and the Test House Directory.

Society publications – Environmental Engineering and Test House Directory
•    The company name and website address will be published on the Corporate Partners page of the Society’s Journal Environmental Engineering.
•    This is available in both print and digital editions.
•    In the digital version the web address is clickable.

Social media – LinkedIn and Twitter

•    The Society has a growing LinkedIn community and Twitter followers.
•    The LinkedIn Group now has over 3,700 Members.
•    Once confirmed an announcement will be sent to our LinkedIn group announcing the new Corporate Partner and directing Members to their page on the Society’s website.
•    The Society’s Twitter account @socenveng will also send out an announcement to our followers.
•    This will also be supported by @envengtesting

At events   
•    The Society attends up to six key events a year and will be happy to take a Corporate Partner’s literature to their stand.


•    The Corporate Partner will be allowed to use the Society's Coat of Arms on Company notepaper, brochures and in advertisements.

The new Corporate Partner scheme is designed to help companies in the following ways:
•    To demonstrate their commitment to their profession and sector
•    To aid the professional development of their staff
•    To communicate with the Society’s Members and greater community


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