Why register?

Professional registration has many benefits, not only for individuals and their employers, but also for the profession, the UK economy and wider society.

Benefits to the individual include:
Improved career prospects
Status of being part of a technological elite
International recognition of your qualifications
Recognition of your expertise and hard work
Higher earnings potential
Greater influence within your organisation and industry
High self-esteem
Access to life-long learning
Letters after your name

Benefits to employers include:
Increased technical credibility with customers.
The means to benchmark the qualifications of employees
Assurance that the employee has satisfied a rigorous assessment of their engineering competence
Confirmation that the credentials being claimed are actually held
Assurance that the employee is keeping up-to-date with professional codes of conduct
A means to satisfy requirements of the Quality Management Systems standards e.g. ISO 9001:2008, IiP, Indemnity insurance.

The Importance of Professional Registration
Professional engineering registration underpins the systems and processes that
ensure that the future of society is safeguarded. By awarding EngTech, IEng, CEng
and ICTTech, the Engineering Council provides employers, government and wider
society, both in the UK and overseas, with the confidence that professionally
registered engineers and technicians possess and maintain the knowledge, skills
and commitment required to meet the engineering and technological needs of
today, whilst also catering for the needs of future generations.

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